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Bilgravs baby


12/11 kl 18:15 - Nothing new - we haven't started yet.

13/11 kl 22:34 - Freja (English pronounciation Freia), weight 4100 gram (9 pounds) arrived to our world, 54 cm long (21,28 inches). Mother and child are - bearing the circumstances in mind - ok.. We have been through quite a lot, and in the end Freja was helped out with a soft cup. We are not quite in top form yet here at 10:14 am on  14/11, so pleace respect the visiting hours and please call us before at 22654905. Freja is big and strong and received the Apgar score 10/10 after the birth. I have had the pleasure of her all night while Margrethe was in recovery. Freja sucks a good little finger!

15/11-01 kl. 22:32 - Freja has had her first sick day... sob. She had a fever and has been moved to department G56, where she got 2 little stationary needles in her hand and foot for blood tests and medication. She has received 2 x antibiotics and a headache medication. Freja took it as a true lady without a whine while sucking on my finger and receiving sugared water. We await the answers of the blood tests and if they can see any infection. She will be in G56 for 2 days.  Margrethe is constantly by her side, but is taking it hard. She had just gotten the milk going so well. Margrethe has been moved to room 11 at G54.

15/11-01 kl 22:44 - Margrethe just called. The first tests showed no infection. We still await the bacteria growing tests from Herlev Hospital Laboratory - nothing new are good news here. 

16/11 - Freja has been moved back to G54 again and is now with Mag's again. Freja fever has gone away.

17/11-01 kl 23:59 - Nothing new from Herlev. Freja is happy today. Has kept Mag up all night, but sleeps most of the day and the evening. She got her second last antibiotics. Freja has delivered her first poo! Big one in the diaper where she elegantly puts her little foot while daddy is changing her! A little chow from mommys breast....ZZZzzzzzz - another poo and we start over, now without the foot - we do grow wiser. Breast..... sleep. But then......A big burp in the bed and she wakes up with hickups. Sounds so cute, and hangs on my shoulder with her head sideways and hick...hick....hick. Tired from the hickups she soon sleeps again. What a wonderful day - Sille and Co was here.

18/11-01 kl 23:59 - Frejas treatment is all over now. Freja, who we probably will name the poo-princess has managed to fill 7 diapers. Mags low blood percentage is the reason we are still recommended by the doctors to stay in hospital. Freja has regained her weight are her little illness. Otherwise she is just megabeautiful....

19/11 kl 17:00 We are home!! Freja took her first trip to Værløse - didn't think much of it as she slept the whole way home.

21/11-2001 - kl 12:30 - The home nurse (standard in Denmark) was here on her first vsit where we had a good long talk about Freja and us.

Bilgravs baby

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